Supported Employment


Enabling adults with learning disabilities to have an active and productive working life.

Supported employment at The Aldingbourne Trust goes above and beyond a free recruitment service. Our learning disabled candidates work through an individually tailored programme aimed to give them the skills, confidence and work experience necessary to take a paid job.

Supported employment opportunities challenge long-standing stereotypes about disability and refocus attention on the abilities of the individual. We provide support for disabled adults and their employers as part of our award winning WorkAid scheme.

Work Aid

The WorkAid scheme aims to match adults with learning disabilities with suitable work placements and includes help for employers to get the most from their valuable and productive new employee.

What is WorkAid?

Candidates work through a tailored programme to prepare them for the world of work including skills training, assistance with job applications and supported inductions with employers.

The WorkAid programme empowers individuals by raising their self-confidence, independence and self-esteem while challenging perceptions of disability in the workplace.

How could WorkAid benefit my business?

Research has proven that people with learning difficulties can become invaluable members of the workforce and each of our candidates is committed and reliable.  Before going forward for a role they undergo a personalised action plan preparing them with the skills and direction they need to start working.

The WorkAid scheme cushions employers. Our approach provides induction support from our qualified and experienced staff and tailored guidance covering everything from health and safety, to funding or further vocational training. This makes sure that as a WorkAid employer, you are as confident and prepared as your new team member.

The same research also shows that employing people with a wide range of abilities increases productivity and creativity in the workplace, as well as supporting employers’ social aims.  It’s a genuine win:win!

If you would like to be a part of the scheme get in touch.
How are WorkAid candidates supported?

There are wider issues that can cause concern for WorkAid candidates and we work hard to ensure every individual has the confidence and technical ability to go out to work. For example, The WorkAid team advises and guides candidates through the maze of benefit forms and setting up banking arrangements alongside the vocational skills needed.

The programme is free, tailored from the beginning and lasts for up to 6months.

We can provide specialist support with:
1. Developing a CV
2. Job searching
3. Completing applications
4. Attending interviews
5. Learning the journey to work
6. Job coaching at the start and throughout a new role.

Are there opportunities for accredited training?

There are also opportunities to gain accredited training as part of an individual’s job preparation:
• Basic Health and Safety
• Relationships (Assertiveness)
• Work Preparation (Interview skills)
• Food Hygiene

Work preparation programme

For people that are keen to work but need extra training to reach their employment goal. The programme is individually tailored to an individual’s specific needs and can help with CV writing, presentation, interview techniques, travel training, health and safety and work experience.

If you would like to be a part of the scheme get in touch.


Owen working

Owen’s story

Owen has had a tough 5 years job searching from Worthing to Brighton and has been determined to achieve his goal of paid employment. Alongside his relentless job hunt he has worked as a volunteer for Save The Children in Worthing.

Owen’s steadfast nature and some support from WorkAid enabled him to gain additional voluntary work and paid work with Powerful Trainers (Link). Working as a Powerful Trainer helped Owen to teach people about his condition, and learn more about himself.

WorkAid spotted a position in Poundland that matched with Owen’s skill set and encouraged him to follow-up the opportunity. He got the job and has never looked back, beginning on 12hrs per week, Owen now works 16hrs per week as well as taking on extra where he can.

The money coming in has given him a great deal of independence and enabled him to save up for the holiday of a lifetime with his friends to New York. Harvey Finch, Owen’s manager has described him as hard working, well mannered and an excellent time keeper.

“Gaining paid work means I am saving to go on holiday to New York City.”

Contact our WorkAid team

If you'd like to talk to the WorkAid team and find out more about how we equip people with learning disabilities with the skills to find employment in the local community, please contact us.